Wisdom Sessions

Wisdom Sessions

Wisdom Sessions are peer support for connecting to innate wisdom.

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This page describes a basic version of Wisdom Session. You encouraged to try it and make changes as work best for you and your session partners.


Our life experience comes from thoughts living on many levels of our body, emotions, and mind. Habitual thoughts lead to stuck experiences. Through conscious expression of thoughts and energies, we free habitual patterns and open to the greater wisdom that is always present.


The purpose of a session is to help us center, open, and connect to our innate wisdom & creativity.


We call the two roles Explorer and Supporter, understanding that session partners are equal peers.

Session Agreements


Participants agree to keep anything shared in Wisdom Sessions confidential.

One or Two-Way

In a two-way agreement, there are two sessions, with the partners switching roles from one session to the next. In a one-way agreement, decide who will be the Explorer.


Agree on total time available. If there are to be two sessions, decide how the time will be divided. Usually, each session gets half the total time. Occasionally, it may be mutually agreeable that one person takes a longer session than the other. Wisdom Sessions have generally been beneficial with time lengths from 15-30 minutes for each participant. Divide session time as follows: 2/3 for Expressions and 1/3 for Reflections (see below).


The Supporter has primary responsibility for keeping time. If the Supporter does not have a timepiece, the Explorer may agree to keep own time.

Session Structure

Opening Silence

Participants meditate silently or just become present, as best they know how. This time typically lasts from a few moments to a minute. The explorer starts expressing when he or she feels ready, via speaking, moving, or sounding


To free habitual thoughts and open to a new stream of wisdom, the Explorer expresses what’s present through movement, sound, and words, via one or more of the variation. As much as possible, the Supporter gives full attention to the Explorer. If your mind wanders, bring your attention back to the Explorer. As new calm and clarity emerges, the Explorer may realize and share new wisdom-based intentions, called Wisdom Actions.


This is an optional part of the session, depending on the choice of the Explorer. The Supporter reflects back the essence of what was shared: especially the thoughts that are creating the Explorer's experience. It's not necessary to repeat everything that was shared. The Supporter may ask reflective questions to further bring out what the Explorer is feeling and thinking. The Explorer may jump in at anytime to clarify a reflection or with new sharing stimulated by the reflections. This time is also another opportunity for the Explorer to state intended Wisdom Actions.

Closing Silence

Participants meditate silently and become present, as best they can. This time typically lasts from a few moments to a minute. The Explorer decides when there's been enough closing silence and says so by saying something like "OK, thank you".

Habitual vs Wisdom Thinking

Habitual thoughts tend to create distressing feelings, as they appear to describe reality in negative ways. The value of expressing them in a session is to allow them to come to awareness and to see that they are just thoughts, not reality. Wisdom thoughts express our deep essential nature and accompanied by positive feelings like peace, lightness, alignment, and clarity. Over time, a wisdom practitioner learns his or her own unique ways of sensing wisdom thoughts.

Supporter Guidelines

Thoughts and feelings may arise as you witness the Explorer. Do your best to stay present, letting go of personal thoughts and feelings. If strong personal feelings arise for you, again do your best to return to quiet mind and just witness.

Special Case: Supporter Cannot Remain Present

Occasionally, the Supporter may find that it is not possible to remain present with the Explorer due to intense feelings arising. In that case, it is Supporter's responsibility to let the Explorer know and request a two-minute meditative pause. The two-minute meditative pause is a time for both session partners to silently let their thoughts and feelings settle down. At end of the meditative pause, the Supporter checks-in with self. If the Supporter is still not ready to return to deep listening, the partners have the following choices:

  1. continue meditative pause and then check-in again
  2. switch roles for an agreed-upon length of time
  3. end session and try again another time


We agree to keep confidential everything shared in a session.

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