WisdomNet Coaching

WisdomNet Coaching is a premium service for those seeking personalized transformational support based on WisdomNet philosophy.

photo of David Shakun

David Shakun, founder of WisdomNet, trains coaches in the WisdomNet approach and is himself available to provide this coaching service.

Life Coaching

Life coaching offers transformational support for health, fitness, and relationship well-being, evolving even seemingly intractable problems.

Business Coaching

Business coaching provides business vision and development, with a specialty in website development and social media marketing.

Customized Program

We customize a coaching program based on WisdomNet principles designed to meet your needs and support your emerging vision and wisdom for your life. Our work is collaborative, with your coach providing education, guidance, and support.

Program Foundation

The WisdomNet Coaching Program is based on 20 years of research, practice, and successful results. It’s about developing a new connection to the wisdom within you that moves you into actions that create the life of your highest visions.

Over time, we tend develop habits of thinking and feeling that block access to our innate wisdom and health. This program is designed to overcome these habits to experience a balanced and fulfilling life.


WisdomNet is a social network where the members support each other in accessing their innate wisdom.

Active WisdomNet participation provides powerful community support for the coaching program and is recommended as an optional adjunct.

Typical Program Structure

We together create a program structure that works best for you. The following are elements of most full programs:

  • Weekly Skype or phone coaching sessions
  • Contact coach by phone, text, or email as needed
  • Homework to implement next steps
  • Collaborative documents such as wellness or business plan
  • Wisdom Sessions with another member with similar interests


See client experinces: Coaching Testimonials.

For More Information

For a free, confidential conversation about participating in WisdomNet Coaching, contact David.