WisdomNet Connect

WisdomNet Connect

WisdomNet Connect is a our free, ongoing, teleconference for sharing Wisdom Sessions within a group

It is open to all members who have done the free Intro Training and are in the Session Request System.

  • Received ongoing teaching in WisdomNet principles
  • Learn and practice the art of deep-listening Wisdom Sessions
  • Build community connection & support
  • Experience the power of transformational group energy
  • Meet new Wisdom Session partners


Facilitators are currently present:

Mondays and Thursdays 1 - 2:30 pm ET

The groups are drop-in. You are encouraged to come at the beginning for initial teachings. However, you may arrive and leave anytime, as is best for you.

We are seeking facilitators for other times. Facilitating is a great way to increase one’s understanding. If you are interested, let us know via the contact form.


We take turns doing basic Wisdom Sessions (just listening) in the group.

  • Sessions are 12 minutes long
  • Sessions are done in order requested in chat
  • Facilitator or group member keeps time
  • How was it? After each session: Explorer, followed by 1 - 2 Listeners share briefly about the experience (the process) of the session
  • To support a sense of safety, the group is not recorded, and participants are requested to keep what is heard confidential.

How to Join

It is strongly suggested you try the following instructions ahead of time, to be prepared for the group.

  1. Log In
  2. Tap or click Members tab at top of page
  3. Tap or click Connection Instructions