Connect is our free 24/7 teleconference for sharing Wisdom Sessions within a group.

  • Learn and practice the art of deep-listening Wisdom Sessions

  • Build community connection & support

  • Experience the power of transformational group energy

  • Meet new Wisdom Session partners

As we are still relatively small, most of the time there will probably be nobody in the conference. If there is another person in Connect wishing to share sessions, follow the guidelines below.

An email notification is sent to facilitators when you enter. If available, a facilitator may join to share sessions with you.

Facilitators are present during Groups which happen in the same conference room.


We take turns doing basic Wisdom Sessions (just listening) in the group.

  • Sessions are 12 minutes long

  • Sessions are done in the order requested in chat

  • A group member keeps time

  • How was it? After each session: Explorer, followed by 1 - 2 Listeners share briefly about the experience (the process) of the session

  • To support a sense of safety, the group is not recorded, and participants are requested to keep what is heard confidential.

How to Join Connect

We use Zoom conferencing.

Zoom includes optional video conferencing. However, many participants find it more comfortable or convenient to have their video turned off.

Click or tap:

You may need to click or tap the link twice as the first time may just open the app without bringing you into the meeting.

The Meeting ID is 283 465 194 

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