Wisdom Fitness

Wisdom Fitness

Wisdom Fitness is a playful practice of connecting to and expressing the natural wisdom of the body.


  • Moving through nature with the freedom of a deer or the ease of bounding bobcat
  • Feeling so strong and safe in your movement that you can let go into the flow of the moment
  • Moving meditatively and spontaneously in a way that cleanses your being and thrills your spirit
  • Finding strong camaraderie with your nature movement tribe, while finding the freedom to connected deeply within yourself

The groups foster whole-being fitness, including aerobics, stretching, strengthening, and creative movement in the most natural ways possible, all outdoors in nature.

Regular practice has been the foundation for fundamental life changes:

  • stable, strong awake energy throughout the day
  • spontaneously being attracted to healthier food choices
  • sleep becomes easier, deeper and more renewing
  • weight loss with muscle tone gain
  • multiplied effectiveness and enjoyment at work
  • more available energy and presence for family and friends

Wisdom Fitness can be experienced both individually and in groups.

Wisdom Fitness groups are fun, socially-connecting way to get vital movement, fresh air, and (sometimes) glorious sunshine outdoors.

Most physical limitations, injuries, and conditions are greatly improved over time. We can also suggest powerful simple practices to support your healing in Wisdom Fitness.

To bring these experiences to you, our activities will be:

  • stretching and balancing
  • chi kung practices to warm and enliven our energy
  • sensory awareness of the rich, beautiful surrounding
  • walking, running, crawling, twirling spontaneously
  • personal sharing with others as feels right to you

Join The Play!

Wisdom Fitness groups are currently offered in Boston area: meetup.com/wfboston.

Training to lead your own groups is available by teleconference by request.

Deepen your Wisdom Fitness practice with support and inspiration at WisdomNet.