Group Types

All Groups offer opportunities for Wisdom Sessions. Also, even though some groups have specific themes, you are welcome to share about any topic in all groups.


Deep Listening

Deep Listening groups offer a space to be with each other with openness and ease. Deep listening with each other is a simple and powerful way to connect with insight and wisdom.

Wisdom Health

Experience lightheartedness, peace, and inspiration with physical health! We have a deep source of health and vitality within us. In these groups, we share support as well as connect with physical and emotional well-being. 

Wisdom Eating

Wisdom Eating is the freedom, joy, and pleasure of eating according to our own wisdom, leading to self-trust, health, and vitality. In these groups, we support each other to connect with this wisdom for true nourishment.

Wisdom Movement

The body is a direct connection to wisdom via sensing and movement. In these groups, we play with spontaneous movement and sound, fostering trust, flow, and healing. The invitation is move from within during our Wisdom Sessions. Turning on video is optional.

Exploring Silence

Silence is a powerful way to access inner peace and healing. We immerse in extended silence and share our experience of silence in these groups. Sharing in Wisdom Sessions is also available here.