WisdomNet Intro Webinar

WisdomNet Intro Webinar

Deep listening is a simple, natural, and powerful way to support each other in opening to insight and wisdom.

I have developed Wisdom Sessions as a simple format for doing deep listening with each other and WisdomNet as a network for easily connecting for sessions.

WisdomNet is a free, peer support network based on deep listening and the principles behind our human experience.

In this group, we will explore sharing deep-listening Wisdom Sessions with each other. The intention is to experience a place of presence with nowhere to get to. From this space, unfolding and evolution occur naturally.

We will also share what it’s like to be a member of WisdomNet.

The webinar will be recorded to give more people the chance to learn about deep listening and WisdomNet:

  • Only participants who choose to speak will be recorded.
  • You are always welcome to connect audio-only, with video turned off
  • Chat is not recorded
  • It can be wonderful to just be in the deep-listening energy

Please contact me with any questions.

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