WisdomNet Live

WisdomNet Live

Our free ongoing education and support teleconference.


  • Learn WisdomNet's experiential Philosophy
  • Learn and refine the art of Wisdom Sessions
  • Meet new Wisdom Partners
  • Build community connection & support
  • Experience the power of transformational group energy

How It Works

  • Wisdom Live happens via audio teleconference
  • Facilitator shares WisdomNet teachings and guidance
  • 15 minute sessions are done in order requested


WisdomNet Live is open with a facilitator several hours most days. When Live is open, there is a Join Now button on this page, as well as throughout the site.

Our vision is WisdomNet Live open with a facilitator 24/7. We offer a free facilitator training program. Let us know if you are interested in facilitator training.

How to Join

To learn how to join, go to WisdomNet Live Instructions.