Wisdom Nutrition

Wisdom Nutrition

Wisdom Nutrition is based on the understanding that optimal nutrition is harmony with the body wisdom developed over millions of years of evolution.

Instinctive Nutrition

A highly-developed understanding and practice of evolutionary nutrition is Instinctive Nutrition (IN), based on decades of research and widespread adoption in Europe.

Wisdom Nutrition considers IN to be a reference model that can support our own wisdom-based choices. As there are many social, psychological, and spiritual factors in nutrition, only our own wisdom can guide us toward the nutrition that is best for us at a given time.

Our recommended IN resource is the book Genefit Nutrition: Nutrition Designed by Life. Thought currently out of print, it is the clearest explanation for IN we have found, and copies are still available at Amazon.


Industrial food production creates products that tend to be addictive.

Food Addiction: Could It Explain Why 70 Percent of America Is Fat?

Wisdom Nutrition recognizes the addictive nature of refined foods and recommends the use of supportive resources at Wisdom Eating and WisdomNet.