We define wisdom as the natural flow of innate intelligence and well-being within all human beings.

This understanding of wisdom is at the core of ancient and contemporary philosophical, spiritual, and psychological teachings.

Humanity has evolved to the point when universal wisdom is now the major emerging global consciousness.

The Three Principles

The Three Principles are a simple, profound and practical understanding of the human experience and innate wisdom.

  • Mind

    The universal, creative, life force that is the source of natural and practical wisdom within all human beings

  • Consciousness

    Awareness carrying the experiences created by Thought

  • Thought

    We create our experience via our thoughts. Quieting our habitual thinking connects us to Mind and our innate wisdom.

The principles were discovered by Sydney Banks in the 1970's.

Though these principles are abstract, we can learn to understand them experientially. Wisdom Sessions are designed to support this understanding.

WisdomNet - Truth & Love

WisdomNet combines the two most powerful forces in the universe: Truth and Love - the natural expression of the Three Principles.

The Truth is that we are beings of consciousness, creating worlds of experience through thinking, and always connected with the living intelligence of universe, personally experienced as inner Wisdom.

Love is the oneness expressed as connection and recognition among us all. We now call this the network. The great evolution of our time is connecting with our inner wisdom and expressing with love with each other. Hence, WisdomNet is born.

WisdomNet is a place to express yourself with deep authenticity, to release levels of illusion, and feel the power of wisdom emerging within the community.

No matter how dark our experience, this is just the surface. The underlying truth of our wholeness is always revealed. Expressing truth and love in community is a great catalyst for this opening.

Podcast Episode

WisdomNet Podcast episode on The Three Principles
July 2, 2015 (34 minutes)


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