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David Shakun, founder of WisdomNet, presents leading-edge resources for cultivating a wisdom-based life.

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Wisdom Fitness

Feb 11, 2014
David created Wisdom Fitness as a way of connecting to and expressing the natural wisdom of the body. In this solo special, David playfully demonstrates and explains this enlivening practice.

Wisdom Nutrition

May 8, 2014
David created Wisdom Nutrition based on the understanding that optimal nutrition is harmony with body wisdom developed over millions of years of evolution.

Awakening Insight and the Brain

Aug 23, 2017
Craig Polsfuss is a pioneering psychologist in the Three Principles and the neuroscience-based consciousness development program Higher Brain Living. We discuss:

  • Three Principles and the body
  • Higher Brain Living: preparing the brain for insight
  • Insight is everywhere
  • Expressing and experiencing the Three Principles many forms, including outside of words