About WisdomNet

WisdomNet is a transformational social network in which members support each other through simple formats, in-person and by telephone, to access the power of their innate wisdom for well-being, creativity and success.

WisdomNet was founded in 2008 (originally called Wisdom Communities). Members have developed strong ongoing support relationships, sometimes lasting many years.

About Founder

photo of David Shakun

David Shakun founded WisdomNet as an expression of his desire to help bring peace and healing to the world, born from his personal healing path.

He studied mathematics (Princeton & NYU), psychology & neuroscience (NYU), and dance & dance therapy (Naropa).

David learned the life-changing philosophy of the Three Principles (3P), upon which WisdomNet is based, from Dicken Bettinger in the mid-1990's and has led 3P-based groups ever since.

In 2008, he completed a 7 month Three Principles training program with Jack Pransky and Lori Carpenos in Hartford, CT.

He worked many years as a computer network manager and web consultant, while also regularly leading support, movement, and nature groups.

In recent years, David has integrated his work by focusing on developing WisdomNet and his practice as a wisdom-based life coach.

Some of his favorite fun activities are running through the woods off-trail, improvisational movement, and ping pong.