WisdomNet groups serve as introductory training and provide ongoing, warm, supportive community.

  • Experience the Principles behind WisdomNet

  • Connect with inner calm, wisdom, and joy

  • Learn and practice Wisdom Sessions with the group

  • Learn to deep listen with ease

The groups are not recorded, and video is optional. Participants are requested to keep what is heard confidential.

Deep Listening

Deep Listening groups offer a space to be with each other with openness and ease. Deep listening with each other is a simple and powerful way to connect with insight and wisdom.

Wisdom Health

Experience lightheartedness, peace, and inspiration with physical health! We have a deep source of health and vitality within us. In these groups, we share support as well as connect with physical and emotional well-being. 

Wisdom Eating

Wisdom Eating is the freedom, joy, and pleasure of eating according to our own wisdom, leading to self-trust, health, and vitality. In these groups, we support each other to connect with this wisdom for true nourishment.

Exploring Silence

Silence is a powerful way to access inner peace and healing. We share extended silence, as well as Wisdom Sessions, in these groups.


We offer groups several times per week. They are all open on a drop-in basis. You are also welcome to join and leave the call anytime as best supports you.  For the current schedule, see Calendar.

Joining Groups


We use Zoom conferencing. Install the Zoom app beforehand at Zoom Client for Meetings at

At group time, go to

You may need to click or tap the link twice as the first time may just open the app without bringing you into the meeting. The Meeting ID is 283 465 194

Note that many participants find it more comfortable or convenient to have their video turned off.

WisdomNet is free through your support! Thank you for your donation! 

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