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WisdomNet groups serve as introductory training and provide ongoing, warm, supportive community.

  • Experience the Principles behind WisdomNet

  • Connect with inner calm, wisdom, and joy

  • Learn and practice Wisdom Sessions

  • Learn to deep listen with ease

  • Feel the opening and grounding of simple presence


All groups are open on a drop-in basis. 

Descriptions of the groups are at the bottom of this page. 

All time below are US Eastern Time. Other time zones: use converter.

Groups are available on dates with colored dots.


Tap or click on date to see groups of the day.

At Group Time


It is completely optional whether you would like to have your video on.

Participants are requested to keep what is heard confidential. The groups are not recorded.

Open the Signal app. You will receive a notification a few minutes before group start time. Click the Join or video icon.

If the group has already started you can also tap the group in Signal and click the Join or video icon.

Types of Groups

All groups offer opportunities for Wisdom Sessions. Also, even though some groups have specific themes, you are welcome to share about any topic in all groups.


Intro Training is prerequisite for all other groups. 

Intro Training

Starting group for all new members. Learn the principles behind WisdomNet and how to do Wisdom Sessions. Open to experienced members as well.

Exploring Principles

We take a deep dive into the WisdomNet principles that guide us towards inner wisdom and peace.​

Deepening Sessions

We explore in more depth powerful aspects of Wisdom Sessions, including deep listening, reflections, and silence.

Wisdom Eating

Wisdom Eating is the freedom, joy, and pleasure of eating according to our own wisdom, leading to self-trust, health, and vitality. The facilitator also shares deep nutritional perspectives for members to explore.

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