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Messaging Members

WisdomNet members connect outside of our video conference groups via Facebook Messenger. We have two Messenger groups.

Members also directly reach out to other individual members by private messaging in Messenger.

Session Requests Group


You can request Wisdom Sessions anytime in our Facebook Messenger group. Note that this group is for session requests only. For all other messages, use our Chat group (see below).


Post a Request


Posting a request goes to all group members. If it’s your first time, give yourself a short introduction.


You can word your request however you like. Elements you might include:


  • requested time window, e.g. during next hour

  • your preferred time length

  • 1-way or 2-way

  • type of session: basic or variation (reflections, etc)


Reply to a Request

To keep notifications to the whole group to a minimum, respond to requests via private message by tapping or clicking on the member’s photo.


When the session has been arranged, let other members know by adding a thumbs-up emoji reaction by long-pressing on your request message. 


Call Session Partner


As a reminder, it’s suggested that wisdom sessions at a distance are done by audio-only for deeper listening and connection. 


The simplest way to call your session partner is generally with the Facebook Messenger app. To make the call, click or tap your partner’s name and then the phone icon.

Chat Group

This is the space to post anything other than session requests. You are invited to share

  • what's going on for you 

  • challenges you are experiencing

  • insights and inspirations

  • resources you have found helpful

  • fun stuff like photos, music, etc

Joining Messaging Groups

Our Facebook Messenger groups are for people you have experienced at least one of our video conference groups.

To be added to the Messenger groups, send us a note on our Contact page.

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