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Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality is Fundamental


Confidentiality is a fundamental operating principle of WisdomNet.

Wisdom can flourish only within the context of free thought and sharing. The Wisdom Session, as a model for all our services, is designed to create an open, nonjudgmental opportunity for sharing any thoughts and feelings that arise.

To protect the freedom and safety of WisdomNet members, our staff is highly conscious to keep what is shared confidential.

Information Sharing Within WisdomNet Staff

To provide the highest possible service, WisdomNet staff may share member information with each other. This is only done in a way that is highly respectful and focused on improving service.

Information Sharing With Advisory Professionals

WisdomNet staff may at times consult with advising outside professionals, in order to support the quality of our services.

We are careful to only choose advisory professionals who are in alignment with WisdomNet principles, especially confidentiality.

Confidentiality Exceptions

We make every effort to keep member information confidential. There are, however, very rare situations which call for us to make confidentiality exceptions.

Court Orders

In very rare cases, there could be a court order requiring disclosure of member information.

Imminent Harm

Members expressing thoughts of harming self or others can almost always be handled while maintaining confidentiality.

In extremely rare cases of clear imminent threat of harm to or from a WisdomNet member, WisdomNet staff may need to notify mental health or law enforcement authorities.

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